ReInhabiting the Village


“Re-Inhabiting the Village” is a social movement that features many projects, organizations, cultural and community leaders, aiming to represent the many “Voices of the Village”. The project consists of a 350 page full color printed Book, EBook, and companion Workbook, along with this holistic focused community online resource directory, and community blog page.

Alliance for Unitive Justice


From a system based on punishment, to a system based on loving-kindness

Unitive Justice is a form of Restorative Justice with a unique structure that creates sustainability and allows it to be easily taught and replicated. Restorative Justice is being successfully used today for many different crimes, including murder.

Earth Activist Training


Courses in permaculture, regenerative land management, earth-based spirituality, organizing and activism with Starhawk and friends.

- To teach visionary and practical solutions and personal sustainability to social change activists, and to teach practical skills, organizing, and activism to visionaries.

- To cross-pollinate the political, environmental, and spiritual movements that seek peace, justice, and resilience.

Nomadic Peace Caravan


Beginning in Canada in the spring of 2020, the Nomadic Peace Caravan and Walk, moves south across the United States, crossing the border to the Gulf of Baja in Mexico. Festivals along the way and numerous local events will mark The Nomadic Peace Caravan's progress and promote its message of world peace, disarmament, and protecting Earth's inherent rights. 

Tribal Vision


TVF exists to learn and spread sustainable living practices, preserve indigenous culture, and share ceremony and traditions, catalyzed through community, dance, and music. 

Rhythm Sanctuary


Where current culture meets ancient wisdom through the practice of ecstatic dance and conscious music.

Eden Sky Galactic Calendar


We are a small family business dedicated to the upliftment of our personal & collective consciousness. For over 20 years, we have been publishing and distributing Galactic Calendars that inspire and empower people to awaken our multi-dimensional nature as creative, cosmic beings. 

Sacred Earth Activism


Indigenous activists holding space for ceremony in powerful, prayerful, peaceful direct actions to sustain the living earth's watersheds.

NorCal Resilience Network


The NorCal Community Resilience Network activates and supports community-based and ecological solutions to climate change, economic instability and social inequity toward a Just Transition away from fossil fuels. Our vision is to transform our homes, neighborhoods and communities into self-sufficient, regenerative places.

Rainbow Lightning


At Rainbow Lightning we love to create interactive and collaborative environments for kids of All Ages, and their parents to connect and play with one another. By building community around new ideas and collaborative projects, Rainbow Lightning is designed to re-connect each individual with their inner child; reminding all who participate just how good it feels to let your true self shine!

We are dedicated to holding space for youth and our future leaders, empowering self-expression through art, music, nature and Love!

Djedi Admin


Empowering heart-centered visionaries and entrepreneurs to deliver profound positive change by supporting their Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey through foundational consulting and administrative services.

StarWater Collective


We are a community of engaged activists, artists, and revolutionaries who are devoted to bringing Sacred Celebration into the forefront of our Artistic Family.  Call upon StarWater to raise intention, aesthetic, and of course, the BASS - to any gathering!

True PermaLife - Stage Coach Farms


Here at Stagecoach Farm is where tiny homes and other custom structures on wheels go from dream to reality. I can also do stationary structures small enough to be delivered on a flatbed and stay out of the standard building codes and regulations. (A.K.A Pockets of freedom)

My projects are unique due to my 21 years of experience in metal fabrication and welding, and my eye for design and attention to detail. My passion creating highly self sufficient spaces for many uses continues to grow my signature style. I built, and live in a tiny house with my small family giving me hands on experience living the tiny house lifestyle.

Beloved Community Village


Beloved Community Village is a community of people experiencing homelessness in Denver, Colorado that provides small-scale Tiny homes for up to 22 people (11 Tiny Homes), that launched July 2017 as a 180-day pilot project. It is democratically self-governed with a mission that provides homes for those people experiencing homelessness that also cultivates community living and self-empowerment.

Healing Earth Homes


      Corwin Mandel has a Bachelor's degree in Ecological Architecture from Prescott College.  His mission is to change the conventional way of construction and make the process organic, alive, and fun, encouraging owner and community participation. He believes in creating biological structures that speak to our orginal instincts and relate to the environment and land around them. Works of art that craddle us, flow with the curves of our bodies and remind us where we came from, the earth, the womb, the stars.



Nectar is the evolution of social media, built with positive values that unite us. Privacy. Freedom of expression. Integrity. Trust. Social change. Care for people and the planet.

Together, we are a conscious social community for authentic expression, meaningful connection, personal growth, and social impact. An all-in-one conscious lifestyle app for more joyful living.

Foundation for Conscious Evolution


Our Vision

The ultimate goal of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution is the awakening of the spiritual, social, and scientific potential of humanity, in harmony with nature for the highest good of all life.

Our Mission

• To educate people in the worldview of Conscious Evolution and how to apply it in their lives, personally and socially.
• To network, connect and align individuals and groups, making visible the vast movement for positive change that is arising everywhere, and to further cooperate toward our common goal of a compassionate, sustainable future.

Tribal Convergence Network


Tribal Convergence Network (TCN) is a synergistic web of social architects aligning with conscious individuals and organizations. We develop sustainable and generative whole systems design templates to cultivate harmonious alliances and collaborative interdependent communities. We envision a globally accessible system of education, resources and tribal technologies which bring people and organizations together into a network of trust for the sake of a thriving, symbiotic, sustainable, and continuous cultural evolution

Deya Dova


Deya Dova is an international touring artist, mystic and visionary, on the front lines of the revolution of consciousness. Writing music as new myths, infusing sound with themes of hope and empowerment. Singing in new stories that assist in smashing through old paradigms of perception. 

Co producing with husband, Hamilton Barnett, together they fuse ancient songlines with the futurism of Global Bass music. Blending the primal & divine frequencies of Deya’s voice with organic beats and the sacred instrumentation of world infused sonic tapestries.

The totally captivating and highly visual live show has evolved as a collective ceremonial, unified field dance floor immersion. An ecstatic primal experience evoking the full range of human response. Journeying from ancient earth to the stars.



Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer and teacher, and a prominent voice in modern earth-based spirituality and ecofeminism. She is the author or co-author of thirteen books, including The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess and the ecotopian novel The Fifth Sacred Thing, and its sequel City of Refuge.

Her most recent non-fiction book is The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, on group dynamics, power, conflict and communications. 

Starhawk founded Earth Activist Training, teaching permaculture design grounded in spirituality and with a focus on activism. She travels internationally, lecturing and teaching on earth-based spirituality, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism. 

Lyla June Johnson


Lyla June Johnston is a musician, public speaker and internationally recognized performance poet of Diné (Navajo) and Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne) lineages. Her personal mission is to grow closer to Creator by learning how to love deeper and to support and empower indigenous youth. 

She is a co-founder of The Taos Peace and Reconciliation Council which works to heal intergenerational trauma and ethnic division in the northern New Mexico. She is a walker within the Nihigaal Bee Iiná Movement, a 1,000-mile prayer walk through Diné Tah (the Navajo homeland) that is exposing the exploitation of Diné land and people by uranium, coal, oil and gas industries. She is the lead organizer of the Black Hill Unity Concert which gathers native and nonnative musicians to pray for the return of guardianship of the Black Hills to the Lakota, Nakota and Dakota nations. 

STiL Focus Media


Social Transformation Documentation

STiL Focus is the record in images and the documentation of a Global Awakening! We've been blessed to be a magnet of highly conscious, deeply grounded artistry and activism, sharing in the caring for a Better World!

STiL Focus has worked closely with indigenous and environmental movements such as the Standing Rock/Water Protection movement, Occupy Wall St., Up To US, the Ancestral Healing Walk, the Black Hills initiative; working closely with indigenous youth, leaders and allies to bring about a Global Mind Shift in the way we relate to the Sacred.

Shakti Journal


Welcome to The Shakti Journal, an independent media source devoted to empowering the people to create a healthy, happy and fulfilling life by being in tune with nature through body, mind and spirit. Read the journal for inspiration and news, the review to find the best books on all topics, and events to connect with teachers and practices all over the globe.



Non-Profit platform helping build a new paradigm of paradise

Parabuilding is actualizing a co-creative culture where everyone thrives doing what they love! With Power in Numbers growing daily, through Artists, Musicians, Community Gatherings, ArtWorkshops, Live Music, Special Events & Fans alike... our culture is growing in #'s & making History and we're documenting it with your help!

Kenny's Conscious Kitchen


"Recipes for a better world"

PachaMama Farm & Wellness


Pachamama Farm & Wellness enhances the well-being of its community by producing pure, organic food, offering educational programs, and providing healing services in Nature.

Permaculture Action Network


Permaculture Action Network is a continent-wide collective that mobilizes thousands of people to take direct action on regenerative projects with a diversity of groups and organizations. We collaborate with performing artists and cultural events to invite people into hands-on work that regenerates ecosystems and catalyzes the movement for a just transition.

City Repair Project


City Repair facilitates artistic and ecologically-oriented placemaking through projects that honor the interconnection of human communities and the natural world. City Repair has accomplished many projects through a mostly volunteer staff and thousands of volunteer citizen activists. We provide support, resources, and opportunities to help diverse communities reclaim the culture, power, and joy that we all deserve.

Colorado Permaculture Convergence


The Colorado Permaculture Guild brings together local Permaculture groups and individuals to provide education, networking, practical resources, enthusiasm and fun with the goal of growing awareness and use of Permaculture principles and ethics throughout our community.

NorthWest Permaculture Convergence


Entering its 12th year, the annual Northwest Permaculture Convergence is an inclusive weekend-long event that alternates between the states of Oregon and Washington. The Convergence brings together a remarkable diversity of people to share their creative approaches for designing living environments, economic systems, and culture practices that thrive within ecologically sustainable limits. Long time enthusiasts and beginners alike pilgrimage from every corner of the Cascadian Bioregion, to educate on their successes (and failures!). Dozens of workshops and skillshares happen simultaneously all weekend long, making the Convergence a rich and valuable resource within our community.