Rainbow Lightning

We are dedicated to holding space for youth and our future leaders, empowering self-expression through art, music, nature and Love!

Rhythm Sanctuary

Where current culture meets ancient wisdom through the practice of ecstatic dance and conscious music.

StarWater Collective

We are a community of engaged activists, artists, and revolutionaries who are devoted to bringing Sacred Celebration into the forefront of our Artistic Family.  Call upon StarWater to raise intention, aesthetic, and of course, the BASS - to any gathering!

Tribal Vision

TVF exists to learn and spread sustainable living practices, preserve indigenous culture, and share ceremony and traditions, catalyzed through community, dance, and music. 

Reinhabiting the Village

“Re-Inhabiting the Village” is a social movement that features many projects, organizations, cultural and community leaders, aiming to represent the many “Voices of the Village”. The project consists of a 350 page full color printed Book, EBook, and companion Workbook, along with this holistic focused community online resource directory, and community blog page.

Tribal Reconnection

 We invite the idea that the Re-Villaging of the U.S. can be done by the people and their skills, one small Action at a time.  So Here are some next level Tools for: Finding those Skills in Yourself, Getting Involved and Doing something great, being Guided by Indigenous Wisdom and Connecting with others that are Ready to Embody their Roles in this Movement.