Alais Clay

Website/ Graphics/ Video

StarTribe Hours Coordinator

Musical Activism

Alexis Kegel

Events Coordinator/ Networking

Regenerative Festival Production

Art/Music Relations

Ahva Lenay

Ceremonial  Arts, Rites of Passage

Unitive Circles, Community Bridging

Founder of Rhythm Sanctuary 

STA Ambassadors

Mickie Cameron

Tribal & Intergenerational Relations

Rainbow Medicine School

Gateway Mortgage Group

Kenny Palurintano

Vegan Activist, Writer, Chef

Kenny's Conscious Kitchen

Cryptocurrencies Educator

Shaunti Lallyiam

STiL Focus Media 

 Social Transformation Documentation

Tava Kiva River Sanctuary lead

Feather Groves

Tribal & Artist Relations


StarTribe Hours CO Springs


History & Natural Law

Musical Activism

Conscious Unschooling

Emily Lawler

Permaculture/ Farms/ Gardens

Water & Soil Activist

Children's Village Support & Education

Ashley Willfire

Creative Director @ Beyond Reason

Social Entrepreneurship 

Kids Dream Tank Ambassador

Jesse Sansevere

Skate Pro Activist

Crystal Healing

StarTribe Street Team

Chelsea RaeShip

Festival Site Production

Owner / Artist / Producer

@ Rae Creations Co